Wednesday, 24 November 2010

3 new groups joining in the project - a craft club who meet at a community centre are going to make seagulls, a dog, flowers, maybe a fungi log. One lady had a wonderful idea which was to make a green man - I was thinking he could be just made from lots of individual leaves sewn onto a cotton, stuffed body shape - could be wonderful but need someone to help me do him! Any offers???

The second group is a day centre in Christchurch who want to make a patio garden area and the third group is a day centre in Bournemouth who want to make lots of ivy and vines......... oohhh all so exciting.

And I have just made some lemons for one of the trees. Need to do more work on my knitted wheelbarrow now.

School joining in too and a youth club and Portland and Weymouth via a community development worker.
And the article in Knit Today is published and on the shelves!!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Knitting a cauliflower in memory of her mum

Just been sent this wonderful story:

Diane Blackburn, a participant in this project, who is part of the Sway Ewe-to-Ewe knitting group says:

"My mum, Elsie Moore, would have loved this project - my inheritance from her was a bag of left over balls of wool and since there is a creamy colour and a fluffy green one I can, I hope produce a cauli in her memory

Article in Knit Today

We should have an article in Knit Today January Issue which is out December 28th. Sent info off to lots of other mags and newspapers. Dorset/Bournemouth Echo very interested especially when they knew that hundreds of people are already knitting for this project! they are sending a photographer out to take pictures of the work already made.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Some of the work being sent in for the garden

Fun stuff being made

Some of the wonderful work that is starting to come in for the project - thank you to the people who have made these great pieces!

Knit Today magazine are going to do an article about us so just sent them some pics and text!! So we will be in their next issue.

An Arts University Collage at Bournemouth
student has knitted Eve and will knit Adam too...