Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The Knitted Garden appeared on the Welsh Language TV programme S4c last week.
Here is the link. (above)
Our bit starts at about 15 mins into the programme.
Click on Episode 5 to watch it.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Welsh Garden addition

Wherever the knitted garden is exhibited the local knitting and craft groups make work to add to it.

Here is the Welsh addition- many thanks!!      It is wonderful.

The bird table garden is the creation of the ‘Popeth Cymraeg: Chelf a Chrefftau’ group (translated as ‘Everything Welsh: Arts and Crafts’.  The group incorporates learning the Welsh language through creative activities. Here is picture of the group with their leader, Haf Parry, sat in the centre in pink.  Haf runs a farming business but is also involved in various creative and musical groups. This picture was taken on the day the group installed the piece and were filmed doing so by Cwmni Da for S4C’s ‘Byw yn yr Ardd’ (Living in the Garden); in the centre back of the picture is Russell Jones, one of the programme’s presenters who’s a keen promoter of gardening and living from the land as well as being a gifted knitter.  He created a little bird made from the wool of an alpaca called Humphrey, which is now part of the ‘bird table garden’.  He’s well-known for his trade-make hat and if you look carefully, there’s a little knitted ‘Russell’ in the bird table garden.  Everyone in the group played a part in the making of the garden but the biggest contribution was one lady who worked tirelessly and roped in her family to pull the whole thing together in time.  She’s also the one who made all the witty little additions such as the mini Russell and mini Morrigan and was determined to make sure that the garden had lots of Welsh references in preparation for its ongoing tour.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hello Wales

Well we had a rather wet and windy trip to Wales - camped on site but the tent broke in the strong East wind so we stayed B&B in Rhyl the next night.

But we received a very warm welcome from all the Welsh staff and volunteers at Bodelwyeddan Castle in Denbyshire  http://www.bodelwyddan-castle.co.uk/contact.html.

It is a sister of The National Portrait Gallery London. Bodelwyddan holds the collection of Welsh Portraiture.

And it is haunted!

We had lots of great volunteers helping us on both days - made installation very easy and it looks beautiful. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

Welsh TV were filming it today as local knitters from a Welsh language speaking group have knitted a bird table, Welsh flag and garden hose. Sadly we didn't get to see all of these but I expect it looks really good. I love the fact that the garden keeps on growing at every venue. We don't know when it will be shown on TV but will let you know.

I am creating a new section on the blog called The Different Gardens and Their Makers which will show sections of the garden with the stories of the people behind them.

Good bye Durlston

Big thanks to Durlston Country Park and all the staff and volunteers who helped in set up and take down and for taking such good care of the garden while you had it. It was lovely to meet you all!!