Saturday, 30 October 2010


I have got lots of offers of help from students at the art collage who will help me visit and support groups and will help me design logo/branding etc. One student has already knitted Eve and will knit Adam to keep her company in the garden!

I spent yesterday emailing details out to youth leaders, community workers, older peoples services. Busy!! Trying to updating blog and Ravlery page regularly Done some press releases /marketing etc.

Need some regular help on admin side I think. Any offers?

Establishing good contacts now and have 2 groups of adults with learning disabilities involved. Need to work out what exciting things we can make with knitted squares as that is all some of these groups can make - crazy paving, brick walls, bird houses any other ideas?

I thought i was going to be able to spend lots of time knitting work for project but it doesn't look like it! Hopefully the admin will reduce once it is all up and running and I can just do a few hours maintenance to keep it all going!

Starting to get offers of people who will be on site during the exhibition in May to teach knitting and crochet but will need more if anyone is interested??

I was thinking about setting up a monthly Saturday morning knitting club at Bournemouth library just for this project so people can see the space, meet us, drop off work, collect pattens, wool etc but
maybe it needs to be more frequent?

I am collecting unwanted wool for this project.

The libraries have said they will have collection boxes for the wool too.

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