Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year everyone!

I spent a lazy Xmas by log fire doing some bits for the project.

It is now in full swing and growing steadily but it is a bit like winter as I won't see a lot of the work that is being made until it emerges into the light in the spring when it all comes together for the exhibition. Lots of people from Weymouth and Portland now want to join in so a big welcome to them!

We have a great article on Page 7 of this months Knit Today magazine and we have had a mention on Radio Solent!

I am going to see quite a few new groups of the next few weeks so will be meeting some new knitters/crocheters but will be doing items for the garden.

This week's jobs is to finish the wool collection boxes to go out into all the libraries in Bournemouth and to get leaflet design off to printers.

I am also investigating knitting podcasters to see if they will do a piece on the project.


  1. Hi , i would love to make some flowers for this project.I also am involved in a local knit & craft group ( & the members there may like to get involved too.
    Do you still nedd items making ?
    all best jay
    My own project (

  2. Hi Pauline

    - do you remember me - the paperwork fairy - I have been involved with Boscombe artists and the art trail for a number of years. I’d love to crochet some roses for your project and am interested in maybe popping along to your knitting group in Springbourne – is it still Tuesdays and when is the next one?

    fairy best wishes

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