Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Feature Group - K2 Knitters, Poundbury

I decided it would be good to feature one group each post and talk about their work and show photos.

Today I am doing the Greenman made by K2 Knitters of Poundbury, Dorset.

He is sitting outside the shed by the vegetable garden but we move him around quite a lot.
He is currently reading a gardening book by Alan Titchmarsh but also reads green ecology books and romances and reads the racing page of newspapers. The library staff have talked about putting him in the men's loos, in the lift and using a computer.they will not allow him to have his feet on the table as he might encourage bad habits with the other library readers.

There are more photos, to follow, of him being made.
I am just doing a press release for the gardening magazines with him as the feature.

K2 Knitters

The group has been meeting for about a year. Some of Cath Coffin's jewellery students, whilst knitting with wire in her classes expressed a desire to have a knitting group, so she set up a group and waited to see who was interested. There are 6-8 others and us who regularly come come when they can. The meetings are held in our homes, rotating turns. The hostess provides tea and cakes! We are mixed ability and we can help beginners or those who need help. We usually knit our own things and this is the first group project we have got involved with.

They meet once a fortnight in GMT (after clocks go back), and once a month in BST (once clocks have gone forward,

Wednesday 1.30pm -4pm.

Contact details: cathcoffin@hotmail.com

The knitted garden is on BBC Dorset website.

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