Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Summer of Love - our lion for the Pride in Bournemouth

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We had lots of single flowers left over from the knitted garden which we had put to one side to decorate our lion for Bournemouth's Pride of Lions.

Here is is finished and looking rather magnificent!

He looks like a hippy so with colourful dreadlocks so we called him Summer of Love after the 1967 summer of love.

Inge, Lynne and Karen busy working out the design.
Assisted by Pauline Stanley and Khari Samuels aged 11.

We didn't have a plan when we started him but once the mane was in place he definitely took on a very hippy quality.

We gave him 3 base coats of green.


  1. Splendid beast - you've done him proud! Pardon the pun. Wish we had lions in Southampton...

    Kate xx

  2. yes , veryy good .you are afraid :D