Sunday, 8 April 2012

The knitted greenhouse made by Purlesque knit and stitch group, the Lighthouse, Poole

The first showing of the completed knitted Greenhouse.
Thank you to all the ladies who contributed and to Marion for overseeing and finishing the project.

I spent 4 hours at Durlston Country Park yesterday mending some bits of the garden and re stuffing the sagging plant pots and flower baskets. I also sewed on Daisy's five little black flies - put them on the plate of sausages in the picnic - looks very life like.

It is a very busy exhibition and the children love it!

Durlston have done a children's activity sheet which is a great idea and we got through about 50 sheets from 12 - 3.30!

It is very very busy because it is Easter Hols and it needs tidying on a regular basis. It is stewarded by Durlston volunteers, but if anybody reading this goes to visit please can they have a tidy and repair please.

Some beautiful comments in the visitor's book - almost made me cry!

I will be over again later in the week.

More photos to follow.

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