Saturday, 15 March 2014

Knitted Garden just opened in Gosport Gallery until May 17th

4th year of touring and it still looks great. Tim and I have just spent the last two days installing it at Gosport Gallery, Discovery Centre.

Lots of new additions to the knitted garden from the women of  Gosport including an stream extension to the pond complete with ducks arse!

Some new knitted muddy footprints!

 Great new scarecrow!

 Wellies, sack of potatoes - all new work.

 Wheelbarrow is a new addition too.

And lots of signage around the town means it will be busy.

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  1. It looks amazing! Thank you so much for your efforts, myself and my 20 month old daughter had a fabulous time at Gosport gallery last Friday. I was wondering if you could direct me to a list of where the exhibition will be visiting? Would it be going to the Isla Of Man at all? I have family there who would love to see it.