Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hello Wales

Well we had a rather wet and windy trip to Wales - camped on site but the tent broke in the strong East wind so we stayed B&B in Rhyl the next night.

But we received a very warm welcome from all the Welsh staff and volunteers at Bodelwyeddan Castle in Denbyshire

It is a sister of The National Portrait Gallery London. Bodelwyddan holds the collection of Welsh Portraiture.

And it is haunted!

We had lots of great volunteers helping us on both days - made installation very easy and it looks beautiful. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!

Welsh TV were filming it today as local knitters from a Welsh language speaking group have knitted a bird table, Welsh flag and garden hose. Sadly we didn't get to see all of these but I expect it looks really good. I love the fact that the garden keeps on growing at every venue. We don't know when it will be shown on TV but will let you know.

I am creating a new section on the blog called The Different Gardens and Their Makers which will show sections of the garden with the stories of the people behind them.

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  1. Wow... this is amazing. I haven't seen something this spectacular since that coral crochet reef someone organized. This is great! Everyone who participated deserves a pat on the back.