Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Boscombe Resource Centre - Wednesday Group

Knitting a woodland garden

Ceri 1st year Shadowing Student from Bournemouth University joined the Boscombe Resource centre group for the session. Ceri knitted some leaves even though she said her knitting skills were rusty!

Norma (below) started off with some french knitting to make a vine but found this frustrating and switched to conventional knitting and started a dry stone wall.

Not content with creating a tree and a stump using her 'Blue Peter' skills and lots of tape, Helen (below) launched into creating a bird table ready to accommodate some of the birds the group have completed.

Marion (below) was engrossed in french knitting, making vines and stems now the champion of this technique having started with a large round frame producing squares for flowers

Jo (below) continued to produce exquisite ivy leaves as well as french knitting vines to add around the tree trunks.

Annette added to her collection of beautiful flowers with daffodils, poppies and petunia's.

Elizabeth highlighted her creativity with her variegated leaf collection.

Helen amused the group with stories of her mothers interest in the project and her re kindled interest in knitting, Helen was surprised by how quickly her knitting had grown, finding that after putting it down for a rest her mum had sneakily added a few rows. By Amanda Boenke

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