Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday morning - sunshine and it is all happening in the garden....

Grapevine craft group at St Paul's Church, Throop - and yes you guessed right they are knitting and stitching a grapevine to entwine a pillar and they begin their craft meetings with prayers and end with the most amazing lunches ever! They need your unwanted green jumpers and purple wool.

Mole and mole hill sent in by the Rev Anne Bennett from South Shields.
This is a link to a radio programme about knitting and pain relief which was broadcast on Saturday but you can listen again to it on their website.

Charminster Library have a fun display of the work made by their readers for the knitted garden project including this great scarecrow and mice and LOTS of beautiful flowers.

I have just spent the morning at Oakmead College and the students are now doing incredibly well.

One student made this very textured bird's nest while other students made these very cute patchwork birds from old jumpers and buttons for eyes.

This image below is a close up of the surface texture of the tree.
It is looking truly magnificent now!!
Not sure how we are going to install it on the pillar - it is 8ft high and 5 ft wide.
Any suggestions!!

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