Monday, 14 March 2011

Working with Year 11 girls at Oakmead College who are turning one of the pillars in the library into an oak tree!

Every Monday morning from 8.30 - 10.30 and Tuesday mornings from 9.30 - 10.30 groups of 15 and 16 year old girls at Oakmead College are working hard to turn one of the pillars in the library into an oak tree. They are really using all their creative talents to explore creative methods to add texture to their tree..... some of their mums are making work for the garden too and grannies are passing on skills!

Exploring different ways to make leaves.
The one above is from a melted plastic bin bag with stitching on top. It has a great veined effect when held to the light.
The one below is a dead oak leaf encapsulated in laminate and then stitched on top with gold thread.

These leaves below have been made by needle felting and adding stitch on top.

The Year 11 students have to record their making process as part of their coursework.

Above is a sample of beautiful weaving that will become part of the finished tree.
Below is a detail of some creative knitting that will add texture to the tree bark.

Below is some very fine cord has been made by one of the girls to use to add texture to the tree bark and may get used to make some insects.

Below is details of the work done so far - lots of textures have been knitted and woven to be part of the bark of the tree. Finger knitting with chunky wool will be used to make knots in the tree bark. Buttons will be used to add detail too.

Below - The base bark of the tree has been made by using a patchwork of old jumpers, cut and stitched. On top of this will be a layer of vines, buttons, insects,knitting, french knitting, finger knitting which will add texture to the bark.

Below are some items ready for decorating the base of oak tree - lichens, fungi, poms poms

Below is needle felting a snail

Some more needle felting on images below.

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