Thursday, 31 March 2011

Wish list for the knitted garden.

Just an updated list of things we could still make for the garden if we have time/energy!!

  • Cottage garden plants on stems with leaves 15- 18'' tall please
  • Birds - lots as we have a large drop in the entrance hall that would be great for this,
  • Pets – dog, cat
  • Bike
  • Frogs – got 2 already but more would be good - need some small ones
  • Logs – with fungi on
  • Lawnmower
  • Garden tools
  • Wendy house- probably not enough time to do this for this exhibition
  • Fairytale garden area – fairies, gnomes etc
  • Chickens – have 2 and need 1 more
  • Adam and Eve - could be done in patch worked old jumpers
  • Venus fly trap
  • insects
  • Bill and Ben and little weed
  • large trug
  • large brown areas for veg patch
If we do everything life size we won’t have to worry about the scale

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